Music brings us together


The World of Music (WOM) is an exclusive members’ club of 8,888 WOM NFTs that gives holders access to the ultimate music experience. The world is composed of three interactive concepts: the studio, festival, and backstage. Each of these concepts can be accessed virtually through the Metaverse and physically in major cities across the world.

Mission and Vision

WOM has two fundamental missions:

1. To bring people across the globe together through music.
2. To remove the barriers that exist between fans, artists, and the music we all love.

The ultimate vision for WOM is to empower humanity by redefining and decentralizing the music experience.

Interactive Concepts

The studio is an interactive space where WOM holders can collaboratively create music with musicians, writers, and producers. Not only will WOM holders have a chance to experience the full music production process, but they can also join in on making WOM songs and albums!

The festival is an interactive space where WOM holders can experience art and community through exclusive music events. Through our events, WOM holders will have the opportunity to meet music fans from around the world.

The backstage is an interactive space that allows NFT holders to go behind the scenes of music. In it, we replicate all the benefits of a VIP concert experience and provide insights into how music is created and how the industry works.

Benefits and Offerings

All WOM holders have access to a variety of benefits including:

● 10% of all revenues generated across

● Access to studios in the metaverse and in major cities across the world.

● Access to events such as speaking panels, festivals, and artist-led events.

● Access to signed memorabilia, backstage passes artist meet and greets.

The Future

WOM is working on a variety of initiatives aimed at building music infrastructure in the metaverse and real world, this includes:

● Creating artist collaborations

● Creating music venues in the metaverse.

● Opening studios in major cities across the world.

● And more