Key Answers


Generate Revenue

Raise NFT Floor Price

Bring people together

Make Music Accessible

Support Burgeoning Musicians

What Music Does

Joins Us

Heals Us

Inspires Us

Frees Us


Studio Rental (10%)

Music Royalties (10%)

Merchandise Sales (10%)

Signed Memorabilia (10%)

Festivals and Concerts (10%)

Metaverse Assets museum, land, stages (10%)



NFT Holders


Upcoming Musicians

Established Musicians

Music Accessibility

Live Sessions

Studio Access

Full creative process

Creative Content (vlog)

Panels on industry trends

Provide exposure to upcoming artists

Holder Perks

10% revenue share

Sponsored Giveaways

Access to Metaverse Experiences

Access to Real-World Experiences

Musician Support


● Bookings

● Song Promotion

● Artist Collaborations

Key Questions

How are we addressing the key issues within the music industry?

How do we develop an infrastructure to break burgeoning artists?

How do we revolutionize the way people experience music?

How do we bring people together through music?

How do we heal the world with music?